X Factor: Post-Weekend Re-Up..

Amelia Lily, who was second favourite to win the X Factor title with some bookies last week, was unceremoniously dumped out of the competition by Kelly Rowland last night and refused to speak to the Destiny’s Child singer when she tried to console her afterwards.

She probably wouldn’t have understood her anyway as Rowland seems to speak solely in incomprehensible Americanisms. “You need to put it down yall!” Anyone?

Meanwhile JonJo (who was quite quite rubbish on Saturday) moaned that he felt ‘cheated’ after being denied the chance to face a public vote that he believes would have saved him. He might be right in that regard, but in all honesty, the well of public affection that being a soldier creates had already been used up getting him this far. There are people who can claim to have been robbed, but nice bloke though he is, he’s certainly not one of them.

Kitty Brucknell – a woman apparently unable to wear anything except for glittery knickers – also stayed in and was promptly heckled by the crowd. We expect that X Factor bosses are praying she’ll be around for at least a couple of weeks but with public outrage reaching a fever pitch of near city banker-proportions, they might have to do some serious vote juggling.

JonJo might be labouring under a misconceived persecution complex, but Amelia Lily is right to feel a little aggrieved, especially when she sees some of the talentless galoots who made it through last night. She looked like being a genuine prospect, but fans were quick to point out that it’s not the first time the first performer has suffered. Forcing someone to dye their hair pink and then kicking them out really is adding insult to injury though.

Yet you have to feel for Kelly Rowland in one way. All the judges whined about the toughness of their decision, but her’s was a genuine nightmare. So strong is the girl’s category this year that we shouldn’t expect her to be losing another act until late November at the earliest.

Janet Devlin is still the favourite, although we’re not convinced that ‘coming from a village’ counts as a sob-story and Kelly’s new girlfriend Misha is second favourite. It’s good she’s still there though because she’s ‘reppin’ the UK. Which is good. I’m glad there’s someone from the UK in the live finals. Let’s just hope that there’s enough PVC on the planet to keep her in outfits until the final (which she’ll probably be in..)

In the group’s section Tulisa chose to save the rather poor Nu Vibe (who she created) and ditch the not much better 2 Shoes (who she didn’t). Maybe it’s a good job they’ve gone as OfCom would probably have crapped themselves in outrage if that girl had given birth on live TV.

Over in the boys section, busking James Michael was sent home for being bloody boring despite the fact that he had an impressive sob story. Incidentally Craig Colton has leap-frogged Frankie Cocozza as the most fancied lad. Expect Rhythmix to be leaving next weekend.