You’re Fired!: OTB Talks To Felicity Jackson

Creative entrepreneur (yeah we don’t know either..) Felicity Jackson was the latest casualty of The Apprentice this evening. PM for the first time, Felicity was a hit with her teammates, but a total lack of strategy eventually proved her undoing. She sat down with OTB to talk about being too popular, why a democratic team leader is not the best option and why she missed her calculator…


Do you think you deserved to be fired?
Yeah, I do actually. I was project manager and we made so many massive mistakes, it had to fall on somebody’s shoulders and unfortunately that was me.

Yeah you really dropped the ball. Did you know you were done for when Alan Sugar described the task as ‘disastrous’?
To be honest.. Yes. I was the PM and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say it was your fault. I would have loved to have gone further and I am disappointed to have been fired but I think it was the right decision.

Ellie said that you “couldn’t work out the profits, losses and marginsâ€?, do you think this was a fair criticism?
No, I don’t agree with that. This was a task where you weren’t allowed to use calculators or the internet, nothing you would normally use in a normal business day, all of those things are taken away from you. I can do them, but it might take me a little longer than someone like Tom, so why not utilise those members of your team that are better at something than you are?

You had quite a democratic way of leading the team, do you regret that approach?
Not really, that is how I work in my everyday job and so I brought that to the task as a my form of leadership. When you’re working with people long term it is important to have people’s backing on every decision but for such a short term task maybe I should have made more of the decisions by myself and not consulted everyone on everything.

Everyone said you were a good project manager, do you think you were more popular than successful?
Yeah, I was very popular, and everyone got on with me quite well. But we weren’t that successful because I made some poor decisions, and that’s where it went wrong.

How big a blow was it not to get the spray tan treatment?
That wasn’t the thing that caused us to lose the task, anyway our location wouldn’t have really worked for a spray tan. We just bought too much product and we worked from the wrong location.

Jim referred to himself as ‘the cavalry’, do you think that was a fair assessment of his performance?
He does regard himself quite highly but why not? If you are quite strong at something then you shouldn’t be afraid of blowing your trumpet. But we made some poor decisions right at the beginning so it didn’t really matter how much work people put in at the end. We were stuck with a lot of product and at half three it was a case of trying to get rid of as much of it as we could to try and not make it as bad as it could have been.

Damage limitation then…
We were on a downward spiral from the start.

Could Tom could have done better at selling the treatments when you sent him down to the first floor?
I think it was very difficult to try and get people to go up three flights of stairs for a treatment. When he came down, the products were causing quite a lot of excitement from the public and although he was trying to flog them, people were coming up and asking about the products. When people are asking you about what’s in front of you, it’s quite hard to lead them somewhere else.

Who deserves to win?
Melody, she was a good project manager and team player. She’s very bold, she has guts and is not afraid to go against the tide.