24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours In A&E

A look back at some of the most memorable staff and patient stories filmed since 2011 at King’s College Hospital and St George’s in south London – places where life, love and loss unfold every day. At St George’s 79-year-old Carole is rushed to A&E with signs of a stroke. Neurologist Dr Mahinda decides to give Carole a ‘clot-busting’ drug, but it only has a one in eight chance of success. Carole and her husband Ted have been married for 60 years, but Ted talks about how things got off on the wrong foot when they first met aged 14. Ten-year-old Aiden has hurt his foot on the monkey bars at school. And part-time wrestlers Kieran and James come in after Kieran has injured his knee in a bout. How long will he be out of the ring with his injury?

24 Hours in A&E – 8pm on Channel 4

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