24 Hours in Police Custody

24 Hours in Police Custody, Series 9, Episode 4
24 Hours in Police Custody, Series 9, Episode 4

The UK’s biggest and most successful true crime documentary series continues its new run, featuring unprecedented access behind the scenes of police investigations into major crimes. In the Horror House (Part Two), the concluding part of a gripping case, cameras continue to follow DS Rachael Foy behind the scenes of Bedfordshire Police’s largest investigation into alleged historic abuse of children. Rachael has spent three years working to persuade victims to testify against the suspect. ‘I’ve heard things in this case that I will never un-hear.’ The harrowing testimony she has recorded is made all the more poignant as not all of the victims have lived to speak out. Rachael knows that the system too often lets victims down even when they are brave enough to come forward – with fewer than 5% of child sex abuse cases resulting in a successful prosecution. Will the victims finally get justice? Or will the suspect who has been arrested eight times for sex offences, but never convicted, escape punishment for the ninth time? 

24 Hours in Police Custody – Monday 9pm on Channel 4