Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Giles Coren, Monica Galetti - Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Giles and Monica continue on their journey to discover what life is life for those working behind the lobby in some of the world’s most extraordinary hotels. This week sees them visit a rather unique hotel on the edge of Nairobi National Park and one that is increasingly popular with tourists. At Giraffe Manor giraffes, staff and guests all co-exist in a 1930s Scottish-style hunting lodge.

Giles and Monica travel to the remote outpost of Sasaab Lodge, a six-acre plot set within 82,000 acres of land. The Samburu are the hotel’s landlords, receiving a fee for every guest that stays, and they make up 75 percent of the staff.

Giles and Monica follow their new co-workers back to their village to find out how the hotel has impacted tribal life. Giles spends time with Samburu warrior Jacob, who trained for three years to be a safari guide, as he takes Giles on a cross-country camel ride that he won’t forget.

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, Monday, 9pm – BBC Two