Preview – An Island Parish: After the Hurricane

An Island Parish: After the Hurricane

A year on from where the documentary left off last series, the church community of Anguilla has been ravished by one of the worst recorded storms in world history.

In the wake of the devastation caused by hurricane Irma, a mere month after the storm had hit the small British overseas territory, the BBC documentary focuses around the locals’ attempt to piece their lives back together and unyielding spirit of the island community.  The documentary not only explores the impact on human life from a physical perspective but also follows the efforts of conservationists, Jan and Farah as they tried to unearth buried turtle nest lost within the destruction. Moreover, the documentary explains the dire consequences of the crisis with Anguilla’s small economy struggling to cope without investment from foreign tourism.  The film follows the island’s governor, Tim Foy, and clergymen Bishop Erroll Brookes and Father Menes Hodge as they try their upmost to resolve the crisis and preserve the islanders’ sense of community and faith.


An Island Parish: After the Hurricane – Friday 9:00pm on BBC2