Pick of the day: Ariyoshi Assists

Ariyoshi Assists

Japanese comedy gets its edge back in the new comedy series, Ariyoshi Assists.

Hiroiki Ariyoshi, one of the most famous and popular hosts in Japanese TV today, will assist 10 guest hosts, including artists and professional athletes, who will each host their own episode.

Every episode is built around a unique concept and format catered to highlight the special talents of the hosts. Experienced comedians including both veterans and up-and-comers participate and attempt to conquer the various segments proposed by the hosts, all while trying to land jokes about the absurd set-ups that Ariyoshi suddenly throws at them.

Will Ariyoshi successfully assist the hosts? What results is the wildest, funniest variety show borne out of maximum passion and unpredictable moments.

Ariyoshi Assists

From Tuesday 14 March on Netflix.

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