Baghdad Central

Baghdad Central - Waleed Zuaiter

New six-part noir thriller based on the book Baghdad Central by Elliott Colla.

It’s 2003 and Iraq is occupied by a US-led coalition. In Baghdad, ex-police inspector in the Iraqi Police Service, Muhsin al-Khajafi (Waleed Zuaiter) searches for his missing daughter but meets a dead end at each turn.

His investigations suggest she has got a job through her university professor (played by Clara Khoury), working as an interpreter for the Coalition Authority. After he is asked to help rebuild a new Iraqi Police Service by British policeman Frank Temple (Bertie Carvel), Khafaji has to decide whether to continue his laborious search outside official channels or become a collaborator to gain access to the secure Green Zone were he believes his daughter to be.

Stars Waleed Zuaiter, Bertie Carvel, Corey Stoll, Clara Khoury, Leem Lubany and July Namir.

Baghdad Central – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.