Billion Pound Cruise

Billion Dollar Cruise

A look behind the scenes of the Symphony of the Seas, the most creative-thinking and mammoth ship ever built, where 2,200 crew members work around the clock to keep 6,680 holidaymakers happy. With a multi-million-pound investment in entertainment that would leave the Vegas strip wanting, and attractions that would rival a theme park, the ship proudly boasts 20 pools and Jacuzzis, two surf simulators, a rock climbing wall, an ice rink, a basketball court and a minigolf course. But while guests enjoy what’s on the upper decks, deep below the crew work hard to deal with the movement and demands of 6,680 guests. In this compilation episode, we see how the staff prepare for the arrival of their guests, and how the guests occupy themselves aboard this billion-pound vessel that’s full of surprises.

Billion Pound Cruise – Sunday 6.45pm on Channel 4

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