Dark crime comedy from director Spike Lee, based on an outrageous true story, starring John David Washington and Adam Driver. It’s the 70s, and Ron Stallworth (Washington) has just become the Colorado Springs Police Department’s first African American detective. Straight away, he’s deployed in the records room, and takes all of five minutes to realise he hates it. So he decides to tell the Chief (Robert John Burke) that he’s ready to go undercover. After an initial assignment surveying a Black student rally, Ron gets the promotion he’s after. And that’s when he hatches his plan: to infiltrate the Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. He answers a KKK ad in the local paper and arranges a meet-up. The Klan aren’t renowned for welcoming Black guys, though, so Ron enlists the help of his White Jewish colleague, Philip ‘Flip’ Zimmerman (Driver). Flip goes undercover playing a fictionalised White version of Ron and is quickly accepted into the racist fold. Soon enough, Ron and Flip have uncovered plans of a potential KKK attack and set out to stop them in their tracks. Expect plenty of flares, kick-ass afros, and lots of men in pointy white hoods looking stupid.

Blackkklansman – Saturday 9pm on Channel 4