Born Famous: Michelle Mone

Born Famous - Michelle Mone

Episode three in the Born Famous strand, this week following the shift of Bethany Mone from pampered have-everything to the life her mum Michelle knew before she was a successful businesswoman.

Michelle built her first multi-million pound business designing and selling the Ultimo bra. In 2015 she was given a peerage in the House of Lords and her title is Baroness Mone of Mayfair. 

Michelle’s childhood was very different – she was born in a tenement and grew up in Glasgow’s East End. Bethany heads across Glasgow to stay in her mum’s old neighbourhood, Gallowgate, with Jack, 19, and his family. Jack is the youngest of four and lives with his mum Violet who has acute arthritis, and his dad Andy who’s her carer.

Jack career path has not gone to plan – his place on a government apprentice scheme training to be a joiner ended when an underlying heart condition caused him to pass out on a building site – he has been unemployed since and his GP has ruled him out of taking on manual labour.

Bethany gets the chance to visit the café that gave her mum one of her first jobs and meets the original owner’s son, she also visits the street where her mum used to live. Michelle returns to Gallowgate to meet Jack and his family. What has Bethany learned during her time away from home?

Born Famous – Monday at 10.30pm on Channel 4.