Breaking In

Breaking in

Action thriller. After her father is murdered, a woman takes her kids to his home, but it is no ordinary house – it’s a fortress packed to the gills with state-of-the-art security. But they are not alone. Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) didn’t get on with her dad, so, after his murder, it is with mixed emotions that she takes her two kids to the house where she grew up. Her plan is to bag everything up and sell the place, clean, no fuss. Her kids are fascinated by the place, especially all the security gadgets, including unbreakable glass and steel shutters for the windows, CCTV everywhere and a drone, all controlled from a single handset which lives in a lockable control room. Grandad must have been paranoid, surmises Shaun’s son, Glover (Seth Carr). Anyway, Shaun smiles and goes in search of a phone signal. She finds it outside and dials the local pizza delivery. Then all hell breaks loose as, undetected by the family up until this point, members of a gang start appearing out of every nook and cranny of the house, kidnapping and assaulting along the way. Somehow Shaun overcomes Peter (Mark Furze) and rushes to a window to see the leader of the gang, Eddie (Billy Burke), inside the house standing menacingly over her kids. She picks up a chair from the patio suite and throws it against the pane. It doesn’t even leave a mark. Guess Grandad wasn’t paranoid after all. And what a place to forget your keys. The gang want to steal a load of cash from a hidden safe and only have 90 minutes to do it or something. But what this is really all about is Shaun saving her kids by breaking in. Can she break in? Payback is a mother.

Breaking In – Saturday 11pm on Channel 4