The brickies head to a village in Derbyshire, where a retaining wall is needed to protect a housing development from possible land slips and flooding. 

Multi-talented Lauren is drafted in to help give things a push, but she isn’t impressed by some of the attitudes on site. With dreams of becoming a property millionaire, Lauren is keen to gain skills in bricklaying. 

Lucas experiences setbacks on and off-site as he confesses that his relationship is on the rocks. After struggling to get to grips with a new method of bricklaying, he pulls on the boxing gloves and enjoys sparring with Lauren. 

Jeorgia is happy to have her dad working alongside her, but when an anticipated delivery of bricks fails to materialise, production on-site is at risk of stalling. Labourer Tom C believes he can save the day with an ingenious solution – one that only he can provide

Brickies – Thursday 9pm on BBC3

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