Britain by Beach – Eastern Scotland

Britain by Beach

Presenter Anita Rani continues her journey across the UK, exploring the remarkable secret history of its beaches. The third episode is set on the east coast of Scotland, a beautiful but sometimes hostile coast that has witnessed great events and hidden stories that have changed the Scottish nation. On the beach below Dunnottar Castle, Anita learns the incredible tale of how the Honours of Scotland, the national crown jewels, were smuggled out of the castle under the noses of English troops, and hidden in a nearby church by a brave priest and his wife. At Arbroath, Anita reveals a story of engineering brilliance, the construction the world’s oldest sea-washed lighthouse at Bell Rock. She also meets its last principal keeper. On Edinburgh’s Portobello beach, Anita discovers how the great novelist Sir Walter Scott used a royal visit in 1822 to reinvent the idea of Scotland. And out in the Firth of Forth, she reveals how fears of a German invasion in 1940 led to the erection of fortifications that still remain; and learns of the link between Polish soldiers stationed there during the war, and the nation’s Polish population today. Lastly, on the pretty beach of Auchmithie, Anita tastes a freshly cooked Arbroath Smokie.

Britain by Beach – Saturday 8pm on Channel 4

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