Britain’s Most Expensive Houses

Britain's Most Expensive Houses

This series explores one of the world’s largest luxury estate agencies, UK Sotheby’s International Realty, and gives a fascinating insight into the exclusive world of super-prime properties. In a summer that saw demand for houses double and the international super-rich gradually return to the UK, the brokers are having to use every trick and contact in their little black books to succeed in the super-prime competitive market. In this episode, head of the country office, Jason, hopes to bag a very personal listing. Otterburn Castle in Northumberland used to be owned by his great-great-great-great-grandfather ‘Mad Jack Hall’. Jason pulls out all the stops to get the listing, including bringing his mum along to convince owner Elena that he’s the broker for the job! Broker Constance has been working with Italian first-time buyers Alessandro and Ilenia for a year and is determined to find them a London penthouse. What they really want is a spectacular view, but with several millions at stake, it’s a big commitment. Constance pulls out all the stops with a view to impress, but will her hard work and patience pay off? In London, broker Shereen has her sights set high: she has a £12 million penthouse on the Thames, but her millionaire buyer won’t make an offer until he can see the apartment’s full potential. Can she get interior designer to the rich and famous, Dara Huang, to convince him to buy? And broker John has taken on Jelleys Hollow in the heart of the Surrey hills. This stunning property has seen Hollywood calling and was featured in Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars. John asks his own photographer, Russ, to come and take the photos for the brochure.

Britain’s Most Expensive Houses – Wednesday 9pm on Channel 4

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