Preview: Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer

Chris and Meg's Wild Summer
Chris and Meg make a mini home at the edge of Loch Eilein before setting on their way. Photo: BBC

Chris Packham and stepdaughter Megan McCubbin continue their wildlife-watching road trip around Britain, this time exploring the rugged Cairngorms in Scotland.

In the ancient woodlands of Caledonia, in Abernethy National Nature Reserve, Chris is determined to find the elusive twinflower and introduce it to Meg. Then it’s off to the tranquil Loch Insh to find the impressive osprey, which has made a miraculous recovery from extinction in Scotland, to breeding once again in the highlands.

Loch Eilein with its island castle is a blast from the past for Chris, and the pair head to Strathspey in the hope of encountering a pine marten; they are surprised instead to meet a crew of badgers.

Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer – Friday at 8am on BBC Two