Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me

Chris Packham

Chris Packham explores his past as he walks a familiar path in the Hampshire countryside. Chris cut his teeth as a naturalist in this beautiful corner of England. The journey evokes intimate memories from his childhood. 

Wandering along the River Itchen and Itchen Navigation, Chris explains the importance of natural surroundings when it comes to our wellbeing. His journey stirs up powerful and difficult memories from his own struggles with mental health issues. Walking with a hand-held 360-degree camera, Chris heads north, starting a few miles outside Southampton and ending up at Winchester Cathedral. Following the path of one the oldest waterways in the country, he meets those who live, work and play in the area. 

Chris discusses the joy that water brings to wild swimmers. He also observes local enthusiasts as they maintain centuries-old farming practices by flooding a local meadow. Along the way he reveals some of the difficulties of living with Asperger’s Syndrome and offers thoughts on mental health that may help others. 

Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me – Sunday 9pm on BBC2

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