Preview: The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate

The Secret Life of Christmas Chocolate

The Secret World of … tells more fascinating stories of the fierce battles between Britain’s biggest brands and the rivalries that have driven them, as industry titans behind multi-million-pound businesses reveal what it takes to stay one step ahead and beat the competition.

In this festive episode, The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate, Jo Brand unwraps the naughty and nice stories of our favourite Christmas chocolates and the annual battle as they each attempt to reign supreme. The key brains in this industry reveal how, for 50 years, Quality Street and Roses dominated the market, before new players Ferrero Rocher and Mars shook things up. They reveal the secret of what it takes to compete year-on-year in a world where tradition and nostalgia mean everything and attempts to be different can backfire spectacularly.

The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate

Tuesday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

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