Das Boot S2 Episode 7 & 8

Das Boot Series 2
Das Boot Series Two continues with this gripping season finale.

The gripping World War II thriller returns with three tense storylines intertwining on both sides of the Atlantic, exploring how the human soul can become twisted by the experience of war. There journeys continue with two new episodes back to back including a gripping season finale. 

In the first episode, Wrangel’s pursuit of Johannes culminates in a dramatic showdown out in the Atlantic. Amid the battle, the saboteurs on U-822 seek a way out. Margot is appalled by a shocking betrayal, while Forster instructs Anatole to use whatever means necessary to extract information. Meanwhile, Hoffmann, injured during his tussle with Berger, faces up to the truth as he asks Cassandra to leave the city with him.

And in the season finale, Hoffman struggles to hold on as he waits for his chance to escape. In La Rochelle, Duval has disappeared, and Margot fears the worst. With the final prisoners being loaded onto the train, the Resistance cell members decide to put their plan into action.

Das Boot Season 2 Episode 7 and Season Finale – Tuesday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic