Den of Thieves

Den of thieves

Gerard Butler heads up a crack unit of LA cops endeavouring to foil a crack team of ex-marines turned bank robbers in this action thriller. 50 Cent’s in it too. When a gang of well-drilled heist-merchants led by Ray Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber) hijack an empty armoured truck, it sets alarm bells ringing, literally and figuratively, for ‘Big Nick’ O’Brien (Butler), who heads up a specialist unit within the LA Sheriff’s Department. Could this gang be responsible for a spate of crimes in the city? And what on earth do they want with an empty van anyway? They’re going big, Big Nick decides. Spot on, Merrimen’s band of merry men are looking for their biggest score – the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve, the only bank that hasn’t been robbed. Get the feeling this is about more than just the money? One thing’s for sure, Merrimen ain’t cuffing up. But that’s okay, Big Nick didn’t bring his cuffs. So, it’s head shots only and ‘do we look like the kind of cops that’ll arrest you?’ And let’s see who’s standing at the end.

Den of Thieves – Saturday 9pm on Channel 4