Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live

Derren Brown

Derren Brown, the world’s most famous psychological illusionist, celebrates 20 years of creating mind-bending TV on Channel 4 with a daring live stunt and dedicated night honouring some of his most jaw-dropping moments. Derren explains how he ended up making shows for Channel 4, revealing how he has used hypnosis and the power of suggestion to baffle the British public, before opening up about his most controversial, headline-grabbing moments, including playing Russian roulette, ‘sticking’ viewers to their sofas, and the zombie-fuelled Apocalypse illusion. The multi-award-winning trickster introduces his favourite flashbacks and talks candidly about his career, giving a rare glimpse into the techniques he has pioneered over two decades. The programme’s climax will see Derren recreate his favourite ever trick live from a secret location. We also hear from some of Derren’s best-known celebrity fans, including Claire Danes, Martin Freeman, J. J. Abrams and Stephen Merchant, as they pay tribute to the audacious illusionist. Immediately after the show, Derren will introduce the nation’s favourite Derren Brown special, as voted by viewers in the weeks prior to transmission.

Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control: Live – Sunday 9pm on Channel 4