Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales

Derren Brown Twisted Tales

Little information has been released about the latest Derren Brown special, Twisted Tales. There has been not much in the way of advertising, and this 50-minute one-off episode was broadcast on Halloween evening, at the late time of 11pm. We follow three horror fans, as they are taken on an unexpected journey and faced with strange occurrences. Tricks and treats were indeed in store for these participants, as they were faced with real life horrors.

During his television career, the illusionist has presented us with a variety of situations involving members of the public. This has included influencing people to unwillingly commit armed robbery, making someone believe that they had landed a plane, hypnotising someone into murdering a celebrity, convincing a young man that he had survived a meteor hitting earth, and persuading several people to push a man to his death. We have also seen Brown play Russian Roulette live on television, and correctly predict the lottery.

If you are familiar with any previous Derren Brown work, what this one-off special has to offer is a little different. The show is not written by Brown, nor does he perform anything within it. Instead, he provides some background to the upcoming stories before they are revealed. Although his name is in the title, I wouldn’t class this as a Derren Brown special, but rather a show which he is lending his name to. But as with Derren Brown’s shows, the participants appear to end their experience being pleased to have taken part, despite what they’ve endured.

Brown has been off our television screens since his January 2016 special, Pushed to the Edge, and in that time he has certainly been busy. Brown has been performing his latest tour Miracle, released another book titled Happy, and created a ride for Thorpe Park amusements, aptly titled Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. Indeed, it appears that his career is branching out into a variety of mediums.

One reason for his deserved success over the years is the uniqueness in what he does; there is little opportunity to see any similar acts on television or on stage. We can only wonder what Derren Brown will offer us next, and I am certainly excited to find out!

Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales, and a collection of other shows from Derren Brown, are available to watch now on All 4.