Earth’s Great Rivers II

Earth's Great Rivers II

Follow the journey of the mighty Zambezi – Africa’s wildest river.

It floods across endless plains, fuelling the migration of 30,000 wildebeest, turning villages into islands accessible only by boat. It plunges over cliffs, creating the largest curtain of water on Earth – Victoria falls. It swells up to form great rapids, a challenge for elephants to cross, and it carves out deep, treacherous gorges where the mysterious Zambezi Wave offers the ultimate surfing experience.

Zambezi spreads out to fill one of the greatest man-made lakes on Earth, home to giant crocodiles and the iconic African fish eagle, and it flows through ‘lost worlds’, some of the best places to see African wildlife, where unusual ‘wild guests’ check in at a safari lodge.

Finally, as it nears the Indian Ocean, the vast Zambezi delta gives local scientists a sign of hope for the future – a glimpse of the legendary herds of elephant and buffalo that once roamed here before the devastation of civil war.Show less

Earth’s Great Rivers II – 9pm on BBC2

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