Eat Well for Less?

Eat Well for Less?

Chris and Jordan face a big challenge when they meet a family from Suffolk who are divided at dinner time. Katy is grandma to ten-year-old Ruby and eight-year-old Toby. Sadly, Katy’s daughter died three and half years ago, and it’s been Katy and the grandchildren ever since. Katy’s entire life changed, and her focus now is on making sure the children have happy and healthy lives. The family home is a harmonious place to be, until mealtimes. The kids have very different tastes, which means a constant battle for Katy. Ruby eats most things but doesn’t like fruit, whereas Toby does like fruit but hates vegetables. It’s not just the kids who are particular about what they eat. Katy has gluten and dairy intolerances and would like to be veggie. She tries her best to ensure the children are eating a healthy, balanced diet, but the constant disagreement over food means she ends up giving in and cooking separate meals. As well as all this, they love to snack, and Katy is partial to a takeaway coffee. This means their spending is adding up, and Katy needs help to get back on track. Can Chris and Jordan find a dinner they all like and save them money?

In Devon, Chris visits a tofu producer to find out how it’s made, and in our Eat Well kitchen Chris and Jordan look at different gluten-free foods and how much they cost. Jordan shows Chris how to make vegetarian and gluten- and lactose-free toad in the hole.

Eat Well for Less? – Thursday 8pm on BBC1

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