Eat Well for Less?

Eat Well for Less?

Chris and Jordan are in the West Country, in the town of Trowbridge. Lucy-Kate and Leon are parents to eight-year-old Gabriel, who has cerebral palsy. With some form of therapy happening every day, their schedule is extremely hectic, and finding time for family meals is proving impossible.

Lucy-Kate ensures Gabriel has a well-balanced diet filled with nutritious fruit and veg, but she and Leon don’t pay the same attention. Self-confessed emotional eaters, they often find themselves exhausted at the end of the day, which leads to them either snacking or resorting to takeaways – sometimes up to three times a week! A lack of meal planning means food waste is also a problem. This haphazard eating is not only hugely costly, but it’s also impacting on mealtimes, as Gabriel would love them all to sit and eat together at the table. Can Chris and Jordan get to the bottom of this family’s busy schedule and topsy-turvy eating habits, bring them together at mealtimes and save them money?

Chris and Gabriel make a tasty carbonara with Gabriel’s favourite vegetable, broccoli. Jordan wants to help Lucy-Kate fall back in love with cooking and shows her a quick, easy and nutritious meal that the whole family can enjoy. Jordan talks Chris through calories and shows him how some meals can look similar but have a very different calorie content. Chris shows Jordan how to make a smoked haddock and mashed potato scotch egg, something he thinks would be a huge snack hit with families up and down the country.

Eat Well for Less? – Thursday 8pm on BBC1

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