Eat Well for Less?

Eat Well for Less?

Eat Well for Less? is back, but this time Chris Bavin has a new partner by his side: dancer, radio presenter and busy dad of two Jordan Banjo. Our dynamic duo are tackling some of the nation’s biggest spenders, overhauling their nutrition and helping them find quick, tasty and healthy meals. The Great British public have their say as the pair travel the country taste-testing different food and drink. Can they prove that we can all Eat Well for Less?

This week, Chris and Jordan are in Manchester, helping a convenience-loving family. Gaz and Amina work in social services and are parents to five-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Elita. Juggling busy jobs means evenings in the Whites’ house are a tale of two teatimes. Lincoln and Elita get a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal, whereas Gaz and Amina end up opting for pricey convenience food or takeaways. This lack of planning and reliance on expensive quick fixes is costing them time and money. Can Chris and Jordan get them cooking one meal for all and help them save some of their hard-earned cash?

The family’s kitchen is taken over and their usual foods replaced with different brands disguised in plain packaging. Most are cheaper, some are the same, and some may be more expensive to challenge them to try new foods.

Chris wants to prove to Amina that she doesn’t have to spend on premium ready meals and that cooking from scratch can be quick! Jordan’s mission is to convince Gaz that he can make his own delicious alternative to his lunchtime meal of choice: a cheese and onion pasty.

Chris visits Europe’s largest vertical farm in Scunthorpe to look at the possible future of farming. Bristol Rovers Extra Time club taste-test five different types of bran flakes to see which one they prefer.

The White family think that buying fresh is always best. Jordan visits Chris in the Eat Well kitchen to find out if that’s always the case. Chris gets to try a recipe that packs a punch and that Jordan thinks would be a winner with the Whites.

Can the boys get the White family all eating the same meal, enjoying more quality family time together and saving themselves money?

Eat Well for Less? – Thursday 8pm on BBC1

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