Eden: Paradise Lost

Eden Paradise Lost

Lord of the Flies was once a staple part of the school syllabus – most adults have either read it or watched the film versions, so it is troubling to witness so many respond to the call to spend 12 months marooned on an island for the social experiment, Eden.

The participants signed up believing they were taking part in a reality TV show which would be broadcast daily/weekly … and so it was for the first couple of episodes and then it disappeared – until now as we find out how the community dynamic worked and whether the group’s efforts at self-sufficiency were rewarded. 

Tonight, Eden’s very own Ralph and Piggy, boatman Anton and carpenter Raph, having built themselves an isolated house in the woods, now find themselves ostracised by almost every other member of the community. Anton bears the brunt of their frustrations and anger; as there is a widely held belief that the pair are not contributing to the wider group, yet using items earmarked for the whole community – something they deny. Oli decides to confront Raph and Anton – the resulting showdown boils over into perfect reality TV territory.

The next episode is on tomorrow night.

Eden: Paradise Lost – Wednesday 10.00pm on Channel4.