Preview: Extraordinary Extensions

Extraordinary Extensions
Tinie Tempah leads us through a series of groundbreaking extension projects. Photo: Channel 4

Tinie Tempah presents a brand new series that follows keen architects-in-the-making and homeowners who would like a bit more elbow room in their properties. The builds are often ‘out there’ radical and ambitious, but what does that matter when you have the determination to take on any challenge?

In this episode, Tinie goes subterranean as he follows two homeowners who dig deep (literally) on their quest to unearth extra space. In Hertfordshire, one couple is planning to double the area of their listed Grade II lodge and thereby make an extension equivalent to the size of three double decker buses. 

The second project – an £11 million basement job in the very heart of Knightsbridge – is even bigger in scope. Once home to the former Panamanian Embassy, and the legendary ballerina Margot Fonteyn, the dig will test the confines of the city house, as well as what ‘build’ actually means when you are taking tonnes of earth away. Tinie has a VIP ticket for this billionaire’s build.

Extraordinary Extensions – Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4