Film of the Day – 2:22

2 22

Michiel Huisman, whom you may recognise from HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, stars as a successful New York air-traffic controller who begins to experience some mysterious and increasingly ominous occurrences at exactly the same time each day. Teresa Palmer, Armie Hammer and Sam Reid all star alongside Huisman.

A New York air-traffic control officer, Dylan Branson, begins to notice patterns and repetitions in his daily life, after a blinding flash of light stuns him, almost causing two commercial airliners to crash. Suspended from his job, Dylan begins to experience increasingly regular cycles of sounds and events which ominously lead him into Grand Central Station at exactly the same time every day.

Between his new-found awareness of these mysterious patterns and his fledgling relationship with a beautiful but enigmatic art curator who happened to be aboard one of the two airliners, Dylan must question whether his experience are merely hysterical thinking and coincidence or whether there is some more to it, woven into the fabric of time and fate itself.


2:22 – Monday 6:10pm on Sky Premiere.