Film of the day: ’71

Jack O'Connell in 71

Jack O’Connell stars in French director Yann Demange’s feature debut, a critically acclaimed thriller set in 1971.

It’s the early years of the Troubles, the bitter and bloody struggle for the future of Northern Ireland, and young soldier Gary Hook (O’Connell) has just been deployed to west Belfast. While aiding the Royal Ulster Constabulary during a house-to-house search for illegal weapons in the Falls Road area, residents become violent and in the chaos, Hook is separated from the unit and finds that British military intelligence are as dangerous as the paramilitaries who want him dead.

Also stars Sam Reid, Sean Harris, Martin McCann, Barry Keoghan and Richard Dormer.

’71 – Monday at 10.00pm on Film Four.


Photo: ©Roadside Attractions