Film of the Day – A Cure for Wellness

A Cure for Wellness

Dane DeHann leads a star-studded cast including Jason Isaacs, Celia Imrie and Mia Goth, in the 2016 thriller, A Cure for Wellness. Set up in the Alps in a therapy and rehabilitation clinic, A Cure for Wellness follows an ambitious young executive of New York financial services firm, who is coerced by high ranking members of the company’s board to retrieve their CEO from a “wellness centre” in Switzerland.

After find himself high up in a remote “wellness centre” – so called because everyone who stays there enjoys remarkable health within its confines – a young executive, Lockhart (DeHann) starts to notice some strange goings on with his CEO whom he is to return safely home; both the staff of the clinic and head doctor Heinrich Volmer (Isaacs) seem reluctant to even let him talk to his self-exiled boss. As he leaves, Lockhart gets into a nasty crash and wakes up a few days later in the “wellness centre” with a large plaster cast covering his leg. Confined within the centre now, Lockhart, despite his best efforts, is not allowed to leave the centre and begins to learn of the troubling past of the site, drenched in tragedy and superstition. As the young executive delves deeper into the mysteries of the whitewashed halls of the clinic, he finds that monsters don’t need to be mythological terrors – they can be men too.


A Cure for Wellness – Thursday 9:40pm on Sky Cinema (Hits).