Film of the day: A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski directs and stars with Emily Blunt in this tense Oscar-nominated horror about a family struggling to survive post-apocalypse in a world populated by aliens who can’t see but can hear even the slightest whimper. Something big has happened, a global disaster of some kind and now the tattered remains of civilisation are being stalked by extra-terrestrial monsters who are ravenously hungry and looking for prey. And they’re quite keen on humans as a meal.

On the upside, these creatures are as blind as bats. Perhaps even blinder. But the downside, and it is quite a large downside, is that they have extraordinarily sensitive hearing. One tiny peep out of you means the end of you. So, people can survive. Perhaps people can even live relatively unchanged lives. Just so long as they never, ever make a sound.

This is the world into which the Abbotts hope to raise their baby, so their survival instincts are heightened. But what do babies do when they’re hungry… or tired… or want attention? And, by the way, is it even possible to give birth silently? Shh.

A Quiet Place- Thursday at 10:50pm on Film 4