Film of the Day – After the Storm

After the storm

After the Storm – a Japanese comedy-drama written and directed by Hirokazu Kore-Eda – revolves around a private detective turned-deadbeat dad who’s vices threaten to ruin his personal, family and professional life. Hiroshi Abe takes the lead role as Ryota, the floundering ex-novelist, and is propped up by a supporting cast of Yoko Maki, as his ex wife Kyoko, and Taiyo Yoshizawa who plays his infant son Shingo.

Struggling to make ends meet and failing to pay his child support, Ryota Shinoda’s gambling is bringing his life down before his very eyes. The former prize winning author has lost his father, separated from his wife and child and now finds himself dwelling in a pit of self-pity and misery with seemingly no way out – his hubris forces him to reject a job writing for a small manga series with an upcoming artist. At his wits end, Ryota decides his only shot at redemption is to be a good father to his son and elects to use the time that he and his son are stuck inside during a heavy storm to try to mirror a memory he had of his father from when he was younger, hoping to leave a lasting impression on the young Shingo and potentially salvage his relationship.


After the Storm – Wednesday 11:20pm on Sky Premiere.