Film of the Day – Alien: Covenant

alien covenant

Alien Covenant represents a return to form for both the director Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise as a whole after their brief hiatus following 2014’s much maligned Prometheus. Michael Fassbender reprises the role of David – the android assistant and last surviving member of the failed Prometheus expedition, while Danny McBride, Billy Crudup and Katherine Waterston lead the new crew – aboard the Covenant colony ship – in the latest instalment in the series.

After their captain is lost and the ship is damged in a violent stellar burst, the crew of the colony ship, Covenant, awake from stasis at the behest of the ship’s co-pilot Walter (Fassbender) – an android of a similar make to David but a more advanced, modernised one. Among them are the pilot, Tennesse Daniels (McBride), chief of terraforming Daniels (Waterston) and the ship’s first mate Oram (Crudup) – who subsequently assumes leadership of the expedition after discovering the original captain is dead. Despite being another 7 years from their intended target, the crew stumble upon a planet even more hospitable that their original destination, prompting the crew to travel down to the planet in a lander. But in them ountainous valleys of this new planet and its ancient alien ruins, something evil is stirring and before long the crew will have to ask themselves: if this seemingly perfect world was more sustainable than their original destination, what happened to the Prometheus crew and why is their android so eager to et aboard their ship.



Alien Covenant – Friday 8:00pm on Sky Premiere.