Film of the day: Alien Covenant

Michael Fassbender Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott has wrested back control of the Alien franchise and ditched the idiot-fest Alien/Predator tag-teaming in favour of a bleak vision of human weakness and fragility.

The Covenant – an enormous terraforming vessel journeying through space in search of a habitable planet suffers a devastating freak power surge, which results in the death of the captain, leaving a power vacuum among the crew and a fateful change of course.

The crew, including Katherine Waterston’s Daniels, cowboy-hatted pilot Tennessee (Danny McBride) and creepy synthetic Walter (Michael Fassbender) submit to the the ship’s incompetent senior officer (Billy Crudup) and land on a lush, nearby planet and pretty soon parasitic space nasties are exploding out of chests, spines and everything in between.

Alien Covenant – from Monday 18 on Sky Store