Film of the day: Alone in Berlin

Brendan Gleeson, Alone in Berlin.

Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson star in this thoughtful play of defiance based on the novel by Hans Falada.

Hans and Anna Quangel are working class Germans living in Berlin as the Nazis pitch the continent into war. When their only son is killed at the front they begin a lonely, personal campaign of dissidence against the war, the regime and the Fuhrer. They are tiny acts of defiance dotted around a city which is in the grip of fascism; a city in which dissenters are portrayed as traitors and saboteurs.  

Falada’s novel was based on true events and Gleeson and Thompson are excellent as the emotionally withered couple who, even in grief, cannot throw off the stiffness of their relationship to embrace. Their game of cat and mouse with the Gestapo is gripping and heavy with the inevitability of what is to come.

A thought-provoking drama that highlights a very human experience of the darkest period in modern European history and how freedoms are erased. Also stars Daniel Bruhl and Michael Persbrandt. 

Alone in Berlin – Tuesday at 10.00pm on FilmFour.