Film of the day: American Ultra

American Ultra

What’s not to like about a secret NSA/CIA experiment to create super soldiers in the form of passive ‘stoner’ types who live their mundane provincial lives, smoking weed and navel-gazing, while remaining oblivious to the fact that with a few trigger words they will be transformed into unfeeling dealers of death.

Jesse Eisenberg is the unknowing guinea pig, Mike, who resents his existence in a small-town community in Middle America but is held back from leaving by his crippling anxiety and fondness of making excuses.

It’s odd and craftily violent – Eisenberg being the most ill-cast action hero/killer ever – but it works. Like Eisenberg’s character before he experiences his ‘awakening’, this film is very easy on the brain power required to watch, there are goodies and there are baddies and nothing in between – unless you count his girlfriend Phoebe’s (Kristen Stewart) revelation later in the film.

Black comedy, action, a weird non-romantic relationship between the two lead characters and deadly use of a plastic spoon. Sit down and enjoy.

American Ultra – Tuesday at 6.15pm on Sky Cinema Select.