Film of the day: Amulet

Amulet - Alec Secareanu

Romola Garai makes her directorial debut with Amulet an inventive British horror starring Imelda Staunton, Alec Secareanu and Carla Juri.

Homeless ex-soldier Tomaz (Secareanu) finds refuge with Magda (Juri), whose life is seemingly dedicated to caring for her sick elderly mother. When a fire forces Tomaz to evacuate his homeless shelter, goodly nun, Sister Claire (Staunton), appears from nowhere offering to find him a place to live. Nothing strange in that, is there?

Sister Claire introduces Tomaz to Magda, who reluctantly offers him a room in her decaying home. And Tomaz being a former builder thinks he can repay her hospitality by doing some work around the place, so all good. Exploring the rotten house, Tomaz finds an abundance of mould (okay), faulty electrics (fine) and bloody water in the pipes (what?!).

When Tomaz hears Magda’s mother is locked in the attic, wailing in agony, he starts suspect that there is something sinister going on. As an unexpected connection develops between Tomaz and Magda, he wonders if his arrival at the house was a coincidence after all…

But why was he brought here? And will he be able to escape whatever fate has been devised for him?


Wednesday at 11.10pm on FilmFour.

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