Film of the Day – Anon


Amanda Seyfried stars alongside Clive Owen and Colm Feore in Andrew Niccol’s 2018 thriller, Anon. The film takes us into a world in the near future where privacy has been all but erased at the behest of a de facto world government which subsequently prompts crime figures to drop. When not even our thoughts are private

In a future where privacy and old-fashioned police work are things of the past, a state-of-the-art surveillance network – known as the Ether – ensures everything anyone says or does can be recalled and played back. So cases can be solved with ease… until now that is. With crime all but eradicated, given the strict surveillance and censorship laws, detective Sal Freiland (Owen) finds himself troubled by an investigation which doesn’t seem to end. As an elusive hacker turned serial killer – known only as “The Girl” – begins to strike at will, Freiland and his partners in law enforcement must ask themselves how this unassuming perpetrator has slipped through the cracks and how, if all information is public anyway, they can stop the killer before they strike again.


Anon – Friday 8:00pm on Sky Premiere.