Film of the day: Avatar


You’ve probably seen this triple Oscar-winning sci-fi epic about gazillion times before but tonight you can make it one gazillion and one – and you’ll enjoy doing so.

There are flaws in the storyline for sure but if you take James Cameron’s work purely as a spectacle it is a masterpiece. And it works as well on TV as it did on the big screen. This is a technically brilliant film, it is well composed and makes brilliant use of CGI, which eight years on shows no signs of the tiredness that quickly overtook the Star Wars franchise that was rebooted around the same time.

Cameron continues to tease with a drip, drip of comments about a return to Pandora and, if rumours are true, you’ll only have to wait until 2020 for Avatar 2 – and a couple more sequels. You wait 10 years for one to come along and then three come one after the other!

Avatar – Monday at 8.00pm on E4HD.