Film of the Day – Baby Driver

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s critically acclaimed 2017 action-crime epic, Baby Driver, boasts an all star cast to accompany its stunning screenplay and soundtrack. Baby Driver casts Ansel Elgort in the lead role, Baby, while Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx also star alongside Lily James and Eiza Gonzalez.

The plot revolves around the talented Atlantan getaway driver, Baby, who is coerced into ferrying crews of robbers safely away from heists by criminal mastermind, Doc (Spacey), because of a debt centering around the theft of one of the latter’s most prized sports cars. With his debt paid, Baby attempts to quit his life of crime but is enlisted onto one more job by Doc. His new crew; comprised of Buddy (Hamm), Darling (Gonzalez) and Bats (Foxx) take an immediate dislike to him and Baby must navigate his most challenging heist yet if he is to ever regain his freedom.


Baby Driver (2017) – Monday 8:00pm on Sky Premiere.