Film of the Day – Baywatch


Whether you love it or hate it, the original Baywatch series was undeniably filled to the brim with 90’s cheese, be it from Pamela Anderson’s alluring slow-mo runs or the Hoff’s ultra matcho portrayal of Mitch Buchanan. It then becomes apparent that in a modern context, Baywatch almost parodies itself with such outdated and almost cringeworthy themes – something which the 2017 revival of the 80s hit show takes quite literally. Its important to say – as a word of warning more than anything – that you shouldn’t go into this film expecting to see a film which takes itself too seriously but that’s the point of it really; it is a parody of the series which its derived from.

The film, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Zac Effron and Alexandra Daddario, centers around a team of lifeguards operating around Emerald Bay, Florida. Following a recruitment surge, Mitch Buchanan (Johnson) finds himself butting heads with the cocky ex-olympian turned new recruit, Matt Brody (Effron). The two must learn to work together quickly however as the team soon discover a sinister drug operation which threatens not only the existence of the Emerald bay lifeguard corps, but the entire bay as a whole.


Baywatch – Sunday 9:00pm on Sky Cinema (Hits)