Film of the Day: Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

beneath the planet of the apes
James Franciscus follows in Taylor’s footsteps as he attempts to reach a secret human alliance… Photo: 20th Century Fox

Ted Post directs this sequel to the smash-hit and genre-defining Planet of the Apes, where we follow the story on a world in which apes have traded places with humans. Charlton Heston’s iconic Taylor returns in the lead role, and James Franciscus takes his billing as Brent, an astronaut.

When a spaceship carrying the astronaut Brent, among others, crash lands on the planet ruled by apes, he goes looking for the man who went before him – Taylor. He finds a secret underground city controlled by humans with extensive telekinetic powers (a result of nuclear radiation).

The militant and increasingly bold apes wage war against renegade humans in the underground ruins of New York City, and the mutant humans themselves run an imperfect society of their own… With Linda Harrison and Kim Hunter.


Beneath the Planet of the Apes – Saturday at 11am on Film4