Film of the Day: Bruce Almighty (2003)

Bruce Almighty
Walking on water’s just a walk in the park for the two Gods. Photo: Buena Vista

When junior TV reporter Bruce Nolan (Jim Carey) loses again and again in life, partly due to his own obnoxious and selfish approach to other people, he takes his outrage out on God (Morgan Freeman) in a rant in a traffic jam. 

He says that if God is supposed to grant people’s wishes, he is doing a lousy job of it, and that Bruce himself could do much better. As it happens, this wish is granted. Bruce wakes up to find his own set of almighty possibilities at his fingertips. 

Also starring Jennifer Aniston, the film’s unique comedic timing and absurd premise makes Bruce Almighty an easy to slip into, and fun family film. Don’t we all wish we could win the lottery some time?


Bruce Almighty – Sunday at 3.10pm on ITV2