Film of the day: Byzantium

Gemma Arterton in Byzantium

Definitely one for the night owls or those with PVRs. This intriguing vampire yarn from Neil Jordan is set in contemporary Britain and based on screenwriter Moira Buffini’s own play, A Vampire Story. Clara and her daughter Eleanor move to a seaside town, after having to leave their previous home under difficult circumstances. Both women have skirted society for a long time, because they are soucriants: immortals who lead a vampiric existence. Clara has exploited the sex industry to secure her income and prey, while the melancholic Eleanor has adopted a dark ‘angel of mercy’ approach to her sustenance. In their new town, Clara spies an opportunity to maintain a supply of male blood by setting up a brothel in Byzantium, a run-down hotel. However, an ill-advised romance, interfering teachers and events from their past are set to threaten both women.

Byzantium – Wednesday 01.30am on Channel 4.

Photo by Patrick Redmond – ©2013 – IFC Films