Film of the Day: Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence
Kevin Hart and Dwayne team up for a thrilling comic adventure. Photo: Universal Pictures

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart are former schoolmates who find themselves at the centre of a terrorist conspiracy. Bob Stone (Johnson), humiliated in school for his weight and nerdiness, has since devoted himself to a totally new CIA identity – lean, muscular and no-nonsense. 

Calvin Joyner (Hart) became a forensic accountant, and reunites with Stone to crack some financial records he hopes will help him locate the mysterious ‘Black Badger’ – a criminal mastermind, hell bent on taking over the world’s satellites.

Just as the duo seem to be getting into the swing of things, Joyner is taken to the side by the CIA, and told not to trust his old school pal; now he must decide if he will trust the advice of the world’s top intelligence network, or the word of his long-time friend…

Also starring Amy Ryan, Aaron Paul and Jason Bateman.


Central Intelligence – Monday at 6.55pm