Film of the day: Children of Men

Children of Men

Alfonso Cuaron’s engrossing dystopic nativity takes place in a world of mass infertility caused by a global flu pandemic.

The last child born, an 18-year-old referred to as baby Diego, has just died and the world is descending into chaos. Britain in 2027 has become a police state littered with internment/concentration camps (filmed in Bexhill on Sea of all places), it is a country where dissent and civil unrest is met with brutal suppression.

Clive Owen plays a booze-soaked former activist who now pays the bills as a bureaucrat – until that is, he is abducted at gunpoint by dissidents and given the opportunity to smuggle a young refugee out of the country – or take a bullet.

Why such secrecy and death threats? The refugee is female and is the first female to fall pregnant in 18 years.

The child is a symbol of hope in desperate times and the dissidents and government will do anything to possess it.

This film is as bleak a vision of Britain’s future as could be and the slate grey framing and grimy, rundown urban settings brilliantly convey a nation on the precipice of anarchy and chaos.

Strong supporting cast features Julianne Moore, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Caine and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

Children of Men – Monday at 9.00pm on Sky Cinema Brits. 

Photo:  © 2006 Universal Pictures.