Film of the day: Clean

Clean - Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is a good actor with a fine list of past credits and he’s probably not the first name you’d expect for the central role in this atmospheric neighbourhood John Wick-alike. Clean is a tormented garbage man who tries to live a quiet life of redemption, but when his good intentions make him the target of a local crime boss, he must soon reconcile with the violence of his past.

It’s a pretty predictable path – part Taxi Driver narrated monologue, part Wick-style avenging angel. High brow entertainment this is not but it works well as an action thriller.

The disturbing mood builds to an inevitable showdown in which the baddies are on a hiding to nothing – how else could execs spin a sequel? Brody is the brooding societal loner, haunted by his past whose skills and proficiency at delivering gory violence take precedence over the storyline. That doesn’t matter though, as a Wednesday night time filler Clean is a serviceable midweek movie – even if some will peep through fingers at some of the more violent scenes.

Clean – Available from Sunday 2 October on Sky Cinema and Now.

Image: © 101 Films