Film of the Day: Dances With Wolves

Stories inside stories; the film is a testament to memory. Photo: MGM

This Sunday you can catch the monumental Dances With Wolves on Channel 5. Directed by and starring Kevin Costner, it follows the story of civil war Lieutenant Dunbar as he is stationed on the western frontier.

We see him learn to befriend the wolves in the area, and appreciate the landscape; soon he must confront his ignorance when he meets members of the Lakota Sioux.

He gradually becomes good friends with Kicking Bird (Graham Greene) and assimilates into the party’s culture. Soon their existence is threatened by the nearby Pawnee, and then by the much greater threat: the United States.

The film balances action, romance and adventure expertly as well as revealing a history that is not commonly talked about, the lives of the Great Plains Native Americans on the eve of their destruction.

Dances With Wolves – Sunday at 3pm on Channel 5