Film of the day: Dead Man’s Shoes

paddy considine in Dead Man's Shoes

The second part of tonight’s excellent Shane Meadows double-bill features the darkly comic but ultimately tragic Dead Man’s Shoes.

Paddy Considine plays Richard, a prodigal son of a bleak northern town, who returns from the army to find that his brother Anthony, who has learning difficulties, has been murdered after becoming the plaything of an uncaring gang of low-level criminals.

At its heart, this is a revenge thriller but it is done in such a way that we identify with Anthony’s killers through their banter, idiotic drug deals and small town mentalities, while scummy sets and ugly house interiors give the film a real earthy feel and lend it a mid 80s air.

It’s all good fun and humour until the lads realise that Richard is back and by then, for them, it’s too late to get out of town. Brilliant, low-key thriller with has some jewelled dialogue. Some of the darkest lines in British film are spoken in the course of this film. Enjoy.

Dead Man’s Shoes Monday 11.05 on Film Four